What's new




new profiles: Notebook | Netbook and Super User
Windows 7 SP 1 compatibility
existing profiles have been tweaked
increased maximum possible tray icons from 3 to 5
you can change the looks of Cacheman by switching to different skins (10 skins included in the default installation)
better support for several new processors, including Intel Gulftown (e.g. Core i7-980X) and AMD Thuban (e.g. Phenom II X6)
New performance and usability tweaks
improved toolbar
process list shows more information about services (e.g. svchost.exe instances)
several utilities can be quickly launched from the tray icon menu
you can create system restore points on the backups tab and in the tray icon menu
tray icon works better with UAC on 64bit Windows




Complete Program rewrite for Windows Vista and 7 compatibility