Set the printer driver


Run the File | Print setup key combination. The Print setup dialog will appear. Select the Printer that you want Linkman to use along with other options. Click Ok.


Print a list of Links


Run the File | Print command or press the CTRL + P key combination. The Print dialog will pop up. You will be able to see the print preview of the list as it would appear when printed on paper. You can move to any page by changing the page number from the Preview Page edit box. You can also use the Zoom feature for a  closer inspection of the preview pages.


Press the ALT + S key combination or click the Settings button. Linkman print settings dialog will show. Type in the headline. This text will appear on each sheet of paper as a header. Select all the attributes of the Bookmarks that you would like to be printed. Click the Set printer font button. A font dialog will pop up. Select the font in which you want the text to appear and click Ok. Click Ok again to close the Settings dialog. Linkman will take a few seconds to process the print options.


Click the Print button. The links will be sent to your selected printer and the Print dialog will close.