Sort items




If you do not want to sort the whole Tree select all Bookmarks and Folders you want to be sorted by using the CTRL + left mouse button.


Run the Edit | Sort command or press the CTRL + L key combination to bring up the Sort dialog. You can also use the button with the A-Z symbol.


Select your sorting options. If you prefer having your Folders appearing first and then the individual Bookmarks, you would need to select Folders first. You would also have to specify how you want your items to be sorted. Most people prefer sorting their entries Alphabetically and according to Rating. In that case your first sort order would have to be Name and the second to be Rating.


Once your sorting preferences have been selected, click the Sort button.  This will start the sorting process.


If you want Linkman to sort always (and not only on request) turn on Autosort.


How to add a secondary sorting method to search results?


First go to Edit | Search and select the primary sorting criteria (e.g. Name). Then click header of the search column you want

sorted (e.g. launch date) to select a secondary sorting criteria.