Clipboard History Changelog

3.20 Pro

* Captions can be added to Stickies
* Individual Stickies can be blacklisted from synchronization on individual computers
* Main window is now resizable
* Stickies can be exported, imported and merged (JSON file format)
* Optional duplicate removal from Stickies
* When archive is saved a tray popup hint can be displayed
* Much faster synchronization with large archives
* Database integrity check window 

3.16 Pro

* Fixed capture of text from windows with a very long caption

3.15.2 Pro

* Insert Date/Time format is now configurable
* Improved MAC detection with VMWare

3.15 Pro

* Greatly expanded filtering. Clipboard History can now ignore not only specific text, but also window titles and process names
* New macros: 


* Added 'Add to archive' menu item to history right click menu
* CH windows will close now when the Escape key is pressed
* Simplified Chinese translation added

3.11 Pro

* Under some circumstances it wasn't possible to disable the CAPSLOCK global hotkey without disabling the user defined hotkey, fixed
* When launched from global hokey menu the archive will now always show as the topmost window
* In archive window the cursor up/down keys can be used to jump between search and content
* Reworked security dialogs
* Pressing Ctrl + C in the History and Sticky list boxes will copy the content to clipboard

3.10 Pro

* Rich Text Format support including a RTF editor
* Right clicking a RTF item in paste menu will paste unformatted text instead of RTF
* Macro variables for Stickies (for example %longdate%).
  More macro suggestions are welcome at 
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* Moved database info to a separate window with options to move the database to another location
* Added menu option to turn clipboard monitoring ON/OFF
* Improved Windows 10 support
* History and sticky display in main window allow multi-selection for delete and copy operations
* Added archive option to not add items that exceed desired size
* Archive options can be hidden
* Sticky and history items 30..100 are now displayed in a submenu
* Encryption dialog shows password stregth
* Example stickies/history items will not be synced to other computers (to prevent spam)
* Improved inline help
* Minor bugs fixed

3.0 Pro

* Unicode support
* optional Cloud Synchronization
* AES Encryption
* Max History Items increased from 20 to 100
* Max Sticky Items increased from 20 to unlimited
* Optional Archive to permanently store any text you copy to clipboard
* Data Format change from Registry to JSON (installing over 2.0 imports registry data)
* More options
* Capslock key and the user defined key can work at the same time

2.0 Freeware version

* the global paste menu hotkey is now disabled by default in computer games and full screen videos, so it doesn't interfere with game/video play if pressed by accident
* the cursor in the paste menu is now placed at the second entry (can be changed to first)
* paste menu function to insert the current date and time at the cursor position
* a user defined sound can be played when clipboard content changes
* history can be cleared from the paste menu
* implemented a work-around, so that Clipboard History does not interfere with some older Synaptics touchpads
* new setting to configure with which mouse button the tray icon menu should be displayed
* Clipboard History can now ignore small strings (configurable, by default text smaller than 3 characters are ignored)
* added Windows 8.1 compatibility

1.0 Freeware version

Initial Release

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