Linkman 8.99 with faster search released!

on Jueves, 26 Enero 2017. Posted in Blog

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Linkman version 8.99 is available for download. Search and bookmark validation is faster now. The user interface has received several tweaks. Several bugs have been fixed. Click continue for changelog.

Changes since 8.98:

* Faster search speed

* Faster bookmark validation

* Improved visuals

* Added attach and insert folder buttons to the "move to" window

* Linkman window will be unhidden or brought to front if the user holds down the CTRL key while using 'Add to Linkman' and 'Add all tabs to Linkman' browser functions

* When adding multiple tabs to Linkman at the same time the container folder status text is now updated correctly

* Fixed problems with moving bookmarks to folders when done within the bookmark properties window

* Autosort will now sort also right away after adding a new bookmark in the browser

* Fixed problems with adding some very long URLs from Firefox

* Improved support for latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera

* Many other small tweaks and fixes

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