Linkman updated to version 8.97

on Viernes, 15 Mayo 2015. Posted in Blog

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Linkman has been updated twice within April 2015. We wanted to implement the most requested smaller changes before going into Linkman 9 beta. We have fixed every reported bug. We are also looking for Linkman 9 beta testers. Click on Continue Reading to get more information about what's new in this release.


* New browser launch method: Topmost browser

This function can be useful for users with multiple portable browsers (Tools | Settings | Launch bookmarks).

* Multiple bookmarks launch warning is now configurable

When you try to launch more than 15 (default value) bookmarks at once, or a folder with more than 15 bookmarks inside, Linkman will ask you if you really want to do it. (configurable in Tools | Settings | Launch bookmarks).

* New global hotkey: Show Tray Icon menu at mouse pointer position

* SeaMonkey V2 import

* Improved default browser detection

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