Linkman updated to version 8.80 with exciting improvements

on Jueves, 14 Marzo 2013. Posted in Blog

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Version 8.80 of the bookmark manager Linkman is a major release which updates the compatibility with the latest versions of all browsers (including IE 10) and Windows 8. Bookmark validation, synchronization and web icon support have been improved. Click on Continue Reading to get more information about what's new in this release.

Linkman Pro changes

Components of the Bookmark Validation have been rewritten. Authentication/Login is now possible, and extended TLS/SSL support was implemented. Synchronization Tray Area notification have been added together with conflict warnings. The keyword list has received a new button to the left of the search edit. Web Icon support has been expanded. Besides the .ico format, Linkman Pro supports now also PNG, GIF, and JPG images.

Linkman Pro / Linkman Lite changes

Privacy options have been added to Program Exit section of settings. The optional Internet Explorer toolbar has changed the communication protocol from named pipes to TCP/IP, greatly improving performance and compatibility with firewalls. Specific browser can be now also configured in the properties of a folder. All bookmarks inside this folder will be launched using the configured browser.

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