Bookmark manager Linkman 8.70 with web icons and improved local files handling.

on Jeudi, 27 Septembre 2012. Posted in Blog

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A web icons feature for Linkman was often requested, but not implemented until now for performance reasons. Finally, we have found a way to implement it with acceptable performance. The feature can be disabled in Tools | Settings | Data (recommended for large databases with more than 20.000 links). The web icon cache is saved into a separate file with the same base file name as your database, but a different extension (.licons). Icons are automatically added to new bookmarks. To add icons to your existing bookmarks, use the Bookmark | Update web icons function.

Shortcuts to local files can be created more easily. Select the files in Explorer, right click and use the Send to > Linkman function. Alternatively multiple files can be drag & dropped from Explorer to a Linkman window or the Bookmark | Add shortcuts to local files menu function can be used.

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