CachemanXP Changelog


· Option to extend Windows Updates to the year 2019.
· Added support for Intel Haswell Refresh processors.
· Two new skins.
· Greatly improved memory recovery algorithm (about 3 times faster).
· Skin selection for the main window (12 skins included).
· Tweaked Auto-Optimization function to accommodate latest Microsoft patches.
· The user interface has been refreshed to get a more modern look.
· Auto-Optimization updated to accommodate the latest Microsoft patches.
· Improved support for latest Intel Core i5, i7 and AMD Phenom Processors.
· Fixed a color bug with Tray Icon display.
· Sticky Priority feature, you can set process priorities which will survive a reboot or program restart.
· Optional third Tray Icon.
· New Tweaks and Cache Settings.
· Auto-Optimize disables Autorun on USB sticks to prevent virus infection.
· Improved memory recovery on systems with 4GB RAM.
· Minor Bug Fixes.
· Support for Intel Core i7 processors.
· Vastly improved Auto-Optimize on 64bit editions of Windows 2003 and Windows XP.
· New hotkeys.
· Fixed a problem with Power Management of Acer Notebooks.
· Updated Performance Guide in the Help File.
· Several new Tweaks.
· Added official WindowsXP 64bit support.
· Improved Auto-Optimize values.
· Improved Network and Internet Cache Optimization.
· Support for Intel Atom and AMD Phenom X3 processors.
· Process management Internet lookup function.
· Additional Translations.
· Bug fixes.
· Support for Intel Quad-Core and AMD Phenom CPUs.
· WindowsXP Service Pack 3 compatibility.
· Improved Network and Internet performance thru DNS Cache tweaking (Auto-Optimize). 
· Additional Cache settings.
· Several new Process Management functions.
· Minor bug fixes.
· Several new Tweaks and Cache settings.
· File Cache optimized for low-memory situation with several games including World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online.
· Option to turn off second tray icon.
· Works now also with disabled Performance Counters (Fallback Mode).
· Bug fixes.
· Improved Dual Core processor support (Intel and AMD).
· Several new Cache settings and Tweaks.
· Extended Process information.
· Sortable Process list.
· Allows to change CPU Priority of all programs, including system processes.
· Ability to hide Automatic Updates restart dialog.
· Two, fully configurable Tray Icons.
· Auto-Optimize finetuned for latest computer systems.
· GUI redesigned to (optionally) take less screen space.

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