Clipboard History Changelog

3.47 Pro

* Added formatting functions: Join lines, Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize, Trim spaces
* Increased the maximum possible items to be displayed before the 'More history' and 'More stickies' sub menus from 15 to 20 (configurable in the more options window)

3.46 Pro

* Added new black listing method 'Ignore if text begins with'
* Fixed paste menu slow downs on some systems
* Fixed some cases of archive deletions not working

3.45 Pro

* Security option to clear pasted sticky text from clipboard after x seconds
* Option to blink the tray icon when clipboard content changes
* Pressing the enter key in archive search edit copies the focused search result to clipboard Pro

* Fixed caption display in global paste menu
* Added multi line delete to Archive
* Move up/down functions support multiselect now
* If clipboard content differs from the first stored item, it will get a separate display

3.40 Pro

* Stickies can be now categorized. For each category a submenu will be created in the global paste menu.

* History, Stickies and Archive can be now individually encrypted.
This feature was often requested by privacy sensible users who
do not want to save history during reboot, but at the same time
would like to store an encrypted archive. Clipboard History
will ask for the password each time you open the archive window. 

* Categories and captions are synced now
* Menu width setting
* Added a help button to password strength display 
* Several smaller fixes and improvements 

3.30 Pro

* Auto conversion of HTML to RTF. Formatted text from web browsers can be captured now.
* Global cloud sticky black list
* Delete and blacklist sticky on all PCs function

3.20 Pro

* Captions can be added to Stickies
* Individual Stickies can be blacklisted from synchronization on individual computers
* Main window is now resizable
* Stickies can be exported, imported and merged (JSON file format)
* Optional duplicate removal from Stickies
* When archive is saved a tray popup hint can be displayed
* Much faster synchronization with large archives
* Database integrity check window 

3.16 Pro

* Fixed capture of text from windows with a very long caption

3.15.2 Pro

* Insert Date/Time format is now configurable
* Improved MAC detection with VMWare

3.15 Pro

* Greatly expanded filtering. Clipboard History can now ignore not only specific text, but also window titles and process names
* New macros: 


* Added 'Add to archive' menu item to history right click menu
* CH windows will close now when the Escape key is pressed
* Simplified Chinese translation added

3.11 Pro

* Under some circumstances it wasn't possible to disable the CAPSLOCK global hotkey without disabling the user defined hotkey, fixed
* When launched from global hokey menu the archive will now always show as the topmost window
* In archive window the cursor up/down keys can be used to jump between search and content
* Reworked security dialogs
* Pressing Ctrl + C in the History and Sticky list boxes will copy the content to clipboard

3.10 Pro

* Rich Text Format support including a RTF editor
* Right clicking a RTF item in paste menu will paste unformatted text instead of RTF
* Macro variables for Stickies (for example %longdate%).
  More macro suggestions are welcome at 
 Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.
* Moved database info to a separate window with options to move the database to another location
* Added menu option to turn clipboard monitoring ON/OFF
* Improved Windows 10 support
* History and sticky display in main window allow multi-selection for delete and copy operations
* Added archive option to not add items that exceed desired size
* Archive options can be hidden
* Sticky and history items 30..100 are now displayed in a submenu
* Encryption dialog shows password stregth
* Example stickies/history items will not be synced to other computers (to prevent spam)
* Improved inline help
* Minor bugs fixed

3.0 Pro

* Unicode support
* optional Cloud Synchronization
* AES Encryption
* Max History Items increased from 20 to 100
* Max Sticky Items increased from 20 to unlimited
* Optional Archive to permanently store any text you copy to clipboard
* Data Format change from Registry to JSON (installing over 2.0 imports registry data)
* More options
* Capslock key and the user defined key can work at the same time

2.0 Freeware version

* the global paste menu hotkey is now disabled by default in computer games and full screen videos, so it doesn't interfere with game/video play if pressed by accident
* the cursor in the paste menu is now placed at the second entry (can be changed to first)
* paste menu function to insert the current date and time at the cursor position
* a user defined sound can be played when clipboard content changes
* history can be cleared from the paste menu
* implemented a work-around, so that Clipboard History does not interfere with some older Synaptics touchpads
* new setting to configure with which mouse button the tray icon menu should be displayed
* Clipboard History can now ignore small strings (configurable, by default text smaller than 3 characters are ignored)
* added Windows 8.1 compatibility

1.0 Freeware version

Initial Release

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