Frequently Asked Questions


How do I update from a previous Cacheman version?


Just overwrite your old Cacheman installation.


What is the difference between the unregistered and registered version of Cacheman?


The unregistered version will work only for 30 days. If you register, you get also access to advanced - Auto-Optimize profiles.


Does Cacheman change the Virtual Memory size?




Does Cacheman have to be running all the time to work?


Cacheman is separated into three major components. The system service (CachemanServ.exe), the Tray Icons (CachemanTray.exe)  (configurable in the Options tab of the settings window) and the settings application (CachemanControl.exe).


The main purposes of the service are to control the File Cache, manage RAM and automatically set process priorities. Since it is a system service it works also if no user is logged in.


If you double click the Tray Icon the Cacheman settings window (CachemanControl.exe) will be displayed.


You can disable the Cacheman Service, but will loose a lot of the functionality.


This system service (CachemanServ.exe) uses minimal resources (usually less than 1 MB) and virtually no CPU time. It works in the background and ensures improved Windows performance.


How can I restore my original (pre-Cacheman) settings?


Please refer to this section.


How to suggest a new tweak for Cacheman?


We are always open for suggestions. Please keep in mind that there are hundreds of bogus Tweaks on the Internet or totally misinterpreted system settings. If you suggest a new tweak to implement in Cacheman please provide a link to reliable source or include result data of your own intensive testing process. You can contact us at [email protected].