Add links


Select the New | Bookmark command from the shortcut menu, click on the corresponding add button or press the Ins key.


A new item called New Bookmark will appear in the Treeview pane.


You can immediately change the name of the Bookmark. It could be anything meaningful to you like Outertech - Linkman's home or My First Bookmark.


Enter the Bookmark in the Path edit box e.g.


Click on the Rating bar to rate the site. You can also use the CTRL + 0-5 hotkeys.


You will now see the new Bookmark with the color of the rating you have given it.


To learn how to add Bookmarks directly from your browser go to this section.




If a folder is selected Linkman will attach the new Bookmark to the folder, if you want to insert the Bookmark instead hold down the SHIFT key while executing this command. To insert the Bookmark below the selected item, hold down the CTRL key.




When searching for multiple terms, name and keywords of the parent folder will be taken into consideration for every link inside.




You have a folder called music with several links inside. Some of these links have the keyword software. If you search for music software all of these links will be found, even if they don't possess the music keyword.


So if you want to add a keyword to several links at once, simply at the keyword to the folder that contains these links instead.


This works also with folders, to add a keyword to multiple folders at once, add it to the parent folder that contains these folders instead.