Set status [Linkman Pro only]


In the Properties dialog you can set several Bookmark properties like Ignore while checking for duplicates or Bookmark validation queue flag. It would be a pain to set the same option for several Bookmarks manually - here comes the Set Status feature into play. Simply mark the Bookmarks you want to change (by holding down the SHIFT key and clicking on the Bookmarks), launch the Set Status command from the shortcut menu and turn any options you want ON or OFF. All selected Bookmarks will be processed in one step!


Options explained:


Ignore while checking for duplicates


Set this flag and the Bookmark will be ignored while the duplicate search


Ignore page changes


Set this flag and the Bookmark page change status will be ignored while Bookmark validation, this is useful for web pages that change on a daily basis


Bookmark validation queue flag


Set this flag and the Bookmark will be added to Bookmark validation queue - the icon of the Bookmark will change to a symbol that indicates that the Bookmark will be processed when Bookmark validation starts


Page has changed since last launch


Linkman underlines the links with changed web pages after Bookmark validation. You can change the underline status of links here.




You can select also folders for this function - all Bookmarks inside the folders will be processed!