Cacheman Changelog


· Full Windows 2004 and 20H2 support

· Added new processor support: AMD Ryzen 3xxx and 4xxx, Intel Comet Lake

· RAM Frequency and Dual Channel detection

· improved ECC RAM detection

· dark mode support (automatically applied if Windows 10 is set to dark mode, dark skin can be also manually activated in options)

· Tweak added to disable login screen acrylic wallpaper effect

· 'Go to parent process' and 'Copy process ID' functions in process view right click menu

· keyboard shortcuts added to right click process name copy submenu

· process ID can be now searched for

· extended report (hold down CTRL key when clicking on the report button)

· del hotkey in process list ends the selected process

· completed unicode support

· fixed CPU labeling on 20 and 32 core systems

· fixed potential Thunderbolt issue

· added workaround for serial codes not being saved correctly


· Full support for Windows October 2018 Update (v1809 Build 17763+)

· ECC Memory detection for Intel Xeon and AMD Ryzen CPUs. Cacheman will show if the memory error correction function is working properly.

· added quick link to Sign-In Options

· New processor support


Coffee Lake

Core i9 9900K, Core i9 9900KF, Core i7 9700K, Core i7 9700KF, Core i5 9600K, Core i5 9600KF, Core i5 9400, Core i5 9400F, Core i3 9350KF

Coffee Lake-S WS (Xeon E-21xx), Coffee Lake-H (Xeon E-21xxM), Cannon Lake Core i3 8121U


Ryzen 3 2200G, Ryzen 3 2200GE, Ryzen 5 2400G, Ryzen 5 2400GE, Ryzen 5 Pro 2400G, Ryzen 5 2600H, Ryzen 7 2800H

Athlon 200GE, Athlon 220GE, Athlon 240GE


· Full support for Windows April 2018 Update (v1803 Build 17134+)

· Ultimate performance energy profile option on Windows 10 Build 17134+

· Extended usability optimization option in Auto-Optimize dialog

· Network tweak to fix Windows network share access with admin accounts

· New processor support


Coffee Lake Core i5-8500 (6 Core), Core i5-8600 (6 Core); Pentium Gold G5400 (4 Core), Pentium Gold G5500 (4 Core), Pentium Gold G5600 (4 Core) ; Celeron G4900 (2 Core), Celeron G4920 (2 Core)


Second Generation Ryzen 5 2600 (12 Core), Ryzen 5 2600X (12 Core); Ryzen 7 2700 (16 Core), Ryzen 7 2700X  (16 Core)


· Updated profiles for latest Windows 10 release

· AMD Ryzen Ridge processor support: Ryzen 5 2500U, Ryzen 7 2700U

· Fixed total CPU usage tray display on Windows 7


· Complete Windows 10 Fall Creators Update support

· Tweak to disable insecure Server Message Block (SMB) v1 protocol

· More detailed Windows 10 version information 

· New processor support


Kaby Lake Refresh Core i7-8550U (8 Core), i7-8650U (8 Core); Core i5-8250U (8 Core), i5-8350U (8 Core)

Coffee Lake Core i7-8700 (12 core), i7-8700K (12 core); Core i5-8400 (6 core), i5-8600K (6 core); Core i3-8100 (4 core), i3-8350K (4 core)

SkyLake-X Core i9-7920X (24 Core), Core i9-7940X (28 Core), Core i9-7960X (32 Core)


Ryzen Threadripper 1900X (16 core), 1920X (24 core), 1950X (32 core)


· TCP/IP optimization for bandwidth or latency

· Improved Gaming PC profile

· New processor support

Intel: Kaby Lake-X Core i7-7740X (8 Core), Core i7-7800X (12 Core), Core i9-7900X (20 Core), Skylake SP Xeon Silver | Gold  | Platinum

AMD: Ryzen 3 1200, Ryzen 3 1300X

· Power Shell link added to Tray Icon menu

· Profile tweaks

· Bug fixes

· Improved Network Server Profile

· Windows Creators Update support


· New processor support: AMD Ryzen 7 1700, 1700X, 1800X and Ryzen 5 1400, 1500X, 1600, 1600X. AMD Ryzen 7 users should read the note at the end of this list.
· Improved Max Performance and Best of All Worlds profiles for AMD Ryzen and Intel Core CPUs
· Added 4 more optional Tray Icons:
A maximum of 9 Tray Icons is now possible, so free RAM and CPU usage of up to 8 cores can be displayed at the same time
· Separated Show hidden and system files into two separate tweaks
· Changed Network-share recursive events to Network share file change notifactions tweak (more reliable)
· Added Energy-Profile and Syskey access tweaks
· Added links to 'Customize Tray Area', 'Network Center', and 'Default programs' to Tools and Tray Icon menus
· Better Unicode support for non Western languages
· Sticky Core affinity feature: tie processes to specific CPU Cores; Affinity will survive a reboot or program restart
Note to AMD Ryzen 7 users:
The AMD Ryzen CPU consists of 16 CPU cores - 8 physical and 8 virtual (emulated) cores. The physical cores are placed on the CPU die in two groups of 4 cores each, the so called CCX (CPU Complex). The two groups are interconnected with with a 256-bit wide bi-directional crossbar. The speed of the crossbar is linked to the speed of your system memory (RAM). Within a CCX group CPU cores can communicate very quickly with each other. Communication between cores that sit on two separate CCX groups is significantly slower (by the factor of 2 and more).
Windows 10 appears to not be aware that the Ryzen processor consists of two individual CPU core groups. Switching program threads from one CCX group to another can cause performance degradation on an otherwise very fast processor. During our tests in the Outertech lab we have discovered that tying some Windows applications to the first CCX group (4 physical + 4 virtual cores) can increase the performance by a significant factor, as thread switching between two CCX groups is avoided. This will work well only with applications that do not make full use of all 16 CPU cores, particularly computer games.
Since we are expecting a fix from Microsoft on this issue we have decided against an automatic Cacheman optimization at this time. Users can manually try this optimization. Here is an example for the game Witcher 3:
1. Start the computer game you want to optimize, in this example Witcher 3
2. Switch to desktop (alt + tab hotkey)
3. Launch Cacheman
4. Go to the Sticky Core Affinity tab
5. In the process list select witcher3.exe
6. Click on the Presets button and select Core 1-8
7. The Core Affinity will change from default to 1111111100000000
8. Restart Witcher 3
To optimize other games just look for the correct process name in the core affinity list.
Cacheman will remember this tweak and apply it automatically each time you start the game.
We will continue to monitor this issue, and if Microsoft doesn't fix it with an update, we will release a new Cacheman version with automatic Core Affinity optimization.


·  Search function (F3 and Ctrl + F shortcut) added directly to the information tab: search text will be looked for in process names, window captions, paths (case-insensitive)
·  Windows Build is displayed on the information tab
·  Ctrl + R hotkey to quickly restart the selected process or service
·  Bug fixes


·  Improved memory management:

New function to take RAM away from other processes when
a process defined as very important is started.
May come handy when starting a computer game.

·  Button added with a shortcut to Memory Diagnostic
·  Report shows now also Uptime
·  Added copy submenu to rightclick menu
·  Intel Kaby Lake Processor support
·  Improved compatibility and optimization for Windows 10 anniversary update


· Added progress dialog to the start procedure of Cacheman settings control
· Bug fixes


· Extended Dynamic Priority with options for foreground apps
· Improved SSD detection
· More accurate manual RAM recovery display
· Enhanced compatibility for Windows 10 Fast Ring builds
· Improved support for Intel Skylake processors 
· System report now includes storage drives and if installed, multiple GPUs
· Verbose system messages tweak
· Warning dialog when the user tries to disable UAC
· Rightclick menu now includes the tools which are already accessible from the Tray Icon menu
· Improved column sorting
· Alternate display switch in Tray Icon display submenu
· Bug Fixes 


· Core rewrite to support the Windows 10 kernel
· Several Windows 10 tweaks added
· Added support for Intel Skylake processors (Core i7-6700K, i5-6600K, etc.)
· New Graphics | CAD Workstation profile
· Information tab display shows process Read/Write statistics
· Improved support for DDR4 memory
· Optimized memory handling for systems with more than 16 GB of RAM
· Processes can now be marked with colors
· Tray Icon will show menu now also on single click
· New skins


· New option to show CPU usage in the Windows taskbar 
· Added motherboard, CPU socket, and bios version data to the information tab and report window 
· Initial processor support for Intel Broadwell-U and AMD Carizzo 


· Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1: More system tweaks 
· SSD Optimization added to Auto-Optimize 
· RAM recovery: Global Hotkey on Options Tab 
· RAM recovery: Tray notification for manual recovery 
· Hidden process list can be temporarily ignored
  (Rightclick menu -> Process List) 
· Added processor support: Intel Broadwell, AMD Vishera 


· Windows 8.1 only: Tweaked Auto-Optimization Cache values 
· Windows 7 only: Improved handling of the core parking feature on processors with Hyperthreading 
· Windows XP only: Option to extend Windows Updates to the year 2019 

· All operating systems: 
· Improved Gaming and Maximum Performance profiles for Core i7-processors 
· More tweaks added 
· Updated Intel Haswell Refresh CPU support 


· Improved Windows 8.1 support 
· Tweak added to boot directly to Desktop on Windows 8.1 and 8.1 
· Better compatibility of the remove shortcut arrows from desktop icons tweak.
  Should work now on all systems without problems. 
· Track network shortcuts performance tweak 
· Hotkey to hide process from information tab (CTRL + H) 
· 6 new skins: Black Box, Calcium, Light Board, Pulsar, Windows 8, Zest 
· Initial AMD Steamroller support 
· Further improvements to the Gaming PC profile 


· Greatly improved Gaming PC profile: now optimizes also Steam games; also adds 
  NVidia SLI and AMD CrossFire support 
· New Digital Audio Workstation optimization profile 
· Improved basic profile 
· Added support for Intel Haswell processors (for example Core i7-4770K) 
· Processes can now be hidden from the information tab
· Hotkeys added for often performed information tab functions


· Initial Windows 8.1 support 
· New profile: Windows 7-10 Tablet optimization 

This profile improves user interface responsiveness on several
Windows 7-10 x86/x64 tablet computers including (but not limited to)
Acer Iconia W510, Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, and Dell Latitude 10.

· Support added for Intel Ivy Bridge processors (Core i7-3770, Core i7-3770K etc.)
· Support for Intel Atom Z2760
· Improved support for AMD Fusion processors 


· Dynamic Priority 

Cacheman will dynamically lower the priority of background applications
that use a lot of processing power. The application that is active will run
faster this way. You can exempt a specific application from this feature
by configuring a Sticky Priority.

· Improvements to existing profiles (including new descriptions)  
· Extended Basic Profile 
· New profile: Windows 7 Tablet optimization 

This profile improves user interface responsiveness on several
Windows 7 tablet computers including Asus Eee EP121,
Samsung Sliding 7, Viliv X70 and the Lenovo U1 Hybrid.

· New Tweaks 
· Six new Skins 
· Manual RAM recovery function is now available also outside of debug mode (Tray Icon menu and Defragment menu)
· Support added for Intel LGA 2011 processors (Core i7-3820, Core i7-3930K and Core i7-3960X) 
· Support added for AMD Phenom II X4 650(T), 850 and 980 processors 
· Greatly improved support for non western languages (Japanese, Chinese etc.) 


· New profiles: Notebook | Netbook and Super User
· Windows 7 SP 1 compatibility
· Existing profiles have been tweaked
· Increased maximum possible tray icons from 3 to 5
· You can change the looks of Cacheman by switching to different skins (10 skins included in the default installation)
· Better support for several new processors, including Intel Gulftown (e.g. Core i7-980X) and AMD Thuban (e.g. Phenom II X6)
· New performance and usability tweaks
· Improved toolbar
· Process list shows more information about services (e.g. svchost.exe instances)
· Several utilities can be quickly launched from the tray icon menu
· You can create system restore points on the backups tab and in the tray icon menu
· Tray icon works better with UAC on 64bit Windows


· Complete program rewrite for Windows Vista and 7 compatibility

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