Cacheman 10.10 with AMD Ryzen processor and Windows Creators support!

on Mittwoch, 29 März 2017. Posted in Blog

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Cacheman 10.10 is available for Download. In addition to the already build-in Intel Core processor optimization, Cacheman 10.10 updates the optimization profiles for AMD Ryzen 7 1700, 1700X, 1800X and Ryzen 5 1400, 1500X, 1600, 1600X processors. Click on here for details.

Besides the addition of AMD Ryzen support, Windows Creators update compatiblity has been added, Cacheman profiles have been updated for better performance on Intel Core processor. With the new version a maximum of 9 optional Tray Icons is now possible, so free RAM and CPU usage of up to 8 cores can be displayed at the same time. Several new tweaks have been added and new links to the Tools and Tray Icon menus. Cacheman 10.10 also improves unicode support for non Western languages.

Note to AMD Ryzen 7 users:

The AMD Ryzen CPU consists of 16 CPU cores - 8 physical and 8 virtual (emulated) cores. The physical cores are placed onm the CPU die in two groups of 4 cores each, the so called CCX (CPU Complex). The two groups are interconnected with with a 256-bit wide bi-directional crossbar. The speed of the crossbar is linked to the speed of your system memory (RAM). Within a CCX group CPU cores can communicate very quickly with each other. Communication between cores that sit on two separate CCX groups is significantly slower (by the factor of 2 and more).

Windows 10 appears to not be aware that the Ryzen CPU consists of two individual CPU core groups. Switching program threads from one CCX group to another can cause performance degradation on an otherwise very fast CPU. During our tests in the Outertech lab we have discovered that tying some Windows applications to the first CCX group (4 physical + 4 virtual cores) can increase the performance by a significant factor, as thread switching between two CCX groups is avoided. This will work well only with application that do not make full use of all 16 cpu cores, particularly computer games.

Since we are expecting a fix from Microsoft on this issue we have decided against an automatic Cacheman optimization at this time. Users can manually try this optimization. Here is an example for the game Witcher 3:

1. Start the computer game you want to optimize, in this example Witcher 3.
2. Switch to desktop (alt + tab hotkey)
3. Launch Cacheman
4. Go to the Sticky Core Affinity tab
5. In the process list select witcher3.exe
6. Click on the Presets button and select Core 1-8
7. The Core Affinity will change from default to 1111111100000000
8. Restart Witcher 3

To optimize other games just look for the correct process name in the core affinity list.

Cacheman will remember this tweak and apply it automatically each time you start the game.

We will continue to monitor this issue, and if Microsoft doesn't fix it with an update we will release a new Cacheman version with automatic Core Affinity optimization.

All changes since Cacheman 10.03:

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