Cacheman 10.03 update!

on Donnerstag, 26 Januar 2017. Posted in Blog

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Cacheman has been updated to version 10.03. Windows memory management has been further improved, a search function added, Intel Kaby Lake processor support integrated, and new tweaks implemented.

Changes since Cacheman 10.0:

* Search function (F3 and Ctrl + F shortcut) added directly to the information tab: search text will be looked for in process names, window captions, paths (case-insensitive)
* Windows Build is displayed on the information tab
* Ctrl + R hotkey to quickly restart the selected process or service
* Improved memory management:

New function to take RAM away from other processes when
a process defined as very important is started.
May come handy when starting a computer game.

* Button added with a shortcut to Memory Diagnostic
* Report shows now also Uptime
* Added copy submenu to rightclick menu
* Intel Kaby Lake Processor support
* Improved compatibility and optimization for Windows 10 anniversary update
* Added progress dialog to the start procedure of Cacheman settings control
* Bug fixes
* Extended Dynamic Priority with options for foreground apps
* Improved SSD detection
* More accurate manual RAM recovery display
* Enhanced compatibility for Windows 10 Fast Ring builds
* Improved support for Intel Skylake processors
* System report now includes storage drives and if installed, multiple GPUs
* Verbose system messages tweak
* Warning dialog when the user tries to disable UAC
* Rightclick menu now includes the tools which are already accessible from the Tray Icon menu
* Improved column sorting
* Alternate display switch in Tray Icon display submenu
* Bug Fixes

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