Cacheman 10 für Windows 10

on Samstag, 19 Dezember 2015. Posted in Outertech Blog

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Nach einem halben Jahr Entwicklungszeit Cacheman für Windows 10 bereit zum Download. Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista und XP werden weiterhin untersützt.

Änderungen zu Cacheman 7.91
Core rewrite to support the Windows 10 kernel.
Several Windows 10 tweaks added.
Added support for Intel Skylake processors (Core i7-6700K,i5-6600K,etc).
New Graphics | CAD Workstation profile.
Information tab display shows process Read/Write statistics.
Improved support for DDR4 memory.
Optimized memory handling for systems with memory or more than 16 GB of RAM.
Processes can now be marked with colors.
Tray icon will show menu now also on single click.
New skins.

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