Opera integration



Linkman offers an Opera 11 Addon to allow you a direct interaction with Linkman in the browser. The addon is installed automatically when you install Linkman.


It can also be installed manually. Make sure you are visiting this page (http://www.outertech.com/en/opera-bookmark-manager) with Opera.




In the search window Linkman uses wildcards and operators to combine search terms. AND (default), OR, AND NOT and the '-' sign can be used. Example: a search for cheap computer -apple will find all links containing the keyword cheap AND the keyword computer, but NOT containing the keyword apple.


Opera and Linkman communicate over TCP/IP port 80.


If you use this port for another application you can configure Opera and Linkman to exchange data over a different port (right click Linkman button | Preferences).


You know when you need to change the port from 80 to e.g. 81 if Linkman does not respond to the addon clicks (should not be needed on 99% of all computers).




The communication port must be also changed in Linkman (Tools | Settings | Browser).





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