Purchase Linkman Pro


Linkman Lite is free of any charge for private, non-commercial use as well as for use in charity and educational organizations.


Linkman Pro is a separate download intended for the professional user.


Linkman Pro contains all features of Linkman Lite. In addition these abilities are included:


Synchronization support to share links between multiple computers
Unlimited number of links (Lite version limited to 10.000)
Web icons for your bookmarks
Keyword List window
Add Keywords to selected items function
Ability to check Bookmarks for dead links, intelligent (only major) content changes, and page movements
Add all Bookmarks on this webpage function
Search & Replace feature
Retrieve user defined Bookmark meta tags
Editable Export Templates (XML, TSV...) with UTF8 support
Query results can be exported using Templates
Optional installation on USB sticks for mobile usage
More import options
Query Favorites can be created in search window
Product support via Email


For download and more information about Linkman Pro please visit http://linkmanpro.outertech.com.


The upgrade process from Linkman Lite to Linkman Pro is very smooth. Just install Linkman Pro over Linkman Lite (any version). All your settings and data will remain. You can switch back to Linkman Lite at any time by reinstalling it. Again all data and settings will be kept.


You can either purchase Linkman Pro (a single user License starts at $25/€19). You can also test one of the products of our affiliate partners and they will pay the purchase fee on your behalf (see bottom of this page).


How to purchase Linkman Pro


Unlike Linkman Lite, Linkman Pro is "Shareware".  This means that we have made the software available to you for free evaluation.  You are entitled to evaluate the software for up to 30 days without obligation to pay.  After 30 days the save and export functions will get disabled, if you decide to keep the software and reenable save and export, you must register your copy.


Shareware non-registered Linkman Pro is a "full-featured" release.  This means that the same capabilities available in the registered software are present in the non-registered software.  This allows you to try out all the features in Linkman Pro to confirm that they work to your satisfaction.


You can order our products by Phone, Fax or Internet.


To purchase online with Credit Card or Paypal please visit our website.


You will receive the serial number to register Linkman Pro and remove the 30 day trial limit immediately after the purchase (enter the serial in the Help menu of the main program window).


A single workstation license costs $25 or €19, multi workstation licenses can be selected during the purchase process.


Site/Corporate licenses are available for $299/€229.




If you have any problem with the purchase process and the merchants are not able to help you, please email [email protected].


If you have lost your serial number email [email protected].



How to get Linkman Pro using Trialpay (testing another service/product)


Here's how it works:


1. You sign up (without cost) or purchase a product from one of our affiliates

2. In return for sending them a new customer (that's you) they pay us your Linkman Pro registration fee

3. You receive a fully licensed, registered version of Linkman Pro (usually within minutes)


With more than 30 affiliate partners to choose from, you're sure to find something you like!


Linkman Pro Trialpay




You will receive a fully licensed, registered version of Linkman Pro when you successfully sign-up with or purchase from any one of our affiliate partners during the Trialpay checkout.