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Clipboard History

Clipboard History. Many users feel the need for an improved Clipboard, because storage for only one piece of text at a time is just not enough. Clipboard History lets you paste up to twenty Clipboard text entries into any application. Just press the usually idle Caps Lock key and a paste menu will be shown.

If you would like another hotkey (e.g. Alt + C) for this menu, you can configure it in a minute. Both the Caps Lock key and the user defined hotkeys work from all Windows applications. Not a fan of hotkeys? You can use the Tray Icon to access to Clipboard History text items!

For texts that you need often, like your email address or phone number, Clipboard History offers the Stickies feature. You can add up to 20 Sticky items to the paste menu, so Clipboard History will display both the last texts you have copied to Clipboard and your predefined text clips.

Full feature list
  • quickly accessible menu (Caps Lock key) of texts copied to Clipboard
  • alternatively a user defined hotkey to show the menu
  • works within any Windows software
  • Tray Icon to access texts previously copied to the Clipboard
  • support for permanent text clips (Stickies)
  • history can optionally persist across Windows reboots/shutdowns/logoffs (default on)
  • intuitive user interface with inline help
  • installation and configuration can be accomplished within a minute
  • retains text formatting (optionally)
  • automatically fixes multiline browser links copied to Clipboard by removing line feeds and white spaces
  • filters can be applied for texts you don't want to remember
  • optional portable installation to USB sticks
  • maximal size for texts to store can be configured
  • self-repair feature if other programs break the Clipboard monitoring chain
  • function to clear Clipboard content
  • displays Clipboard text content as Tray Icon Tooltip
  • minimal memory footprint

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