Batchrun Changelog


Greatly reduced Batchrun CPU usage when processing batch files with wait for end option
Progress window is not stay on top anymore


Fixed a bug on Windows 10 where Batchrun.exe would not end after a script has been executed


Environment variables (e.g. %programfiles%) can use used in batch files 
Improved 64bit support 

End Process command to close another application graciously 
Kill Process command to remove another application from memory 
Text to Clipboard command to copy any text to the Windows Clipboard 
Gui Tweaks 
Updated help file 

Command line parameters can be passed to batch files 
Date and time tags 
More intuitive GUI 
Toolbar can be hidden 

New user interface 
Copy and Delete accept wildcards 
New commands: DelTree, End Process 
MakeDir nested dir support 
Run Priority setting 
Optional progress window 
Save to Startup 
New help file 

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