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StartEd is a Windows application that helps you to change startup configuration including Programs and System Services from startup folder and the registry. You can safely disable or uninstall startup programs directly from StartEd.
Are you unsure about disabling specific startup programs? StartEd recognizes startup programs that are either obsolete or memory hogs, and has you covered with a backup feature. You can safely disable such items to increase your computer's performance.

System services

Windows 10, 8.x, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 compatible StartEd displays detailed information about System Services so that even novice users can manage their startup. You can even filter the service list, so that only services with a specific keyword are displayed. A warning message will be shown if a System Service vital to your computer's stability is about to be disabled. StartEd also detects Trojan Horses, the most destructive and dangerous species of computer virus.

Download StartEd Prorequires Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP (32 and 64 bit)

Download StartEd LiteAvailable in English, German, French, and 5 other languages.

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StartEd Lite (free) StartEd Pro ($19 | €15)
licensing private, non commercial no restrictions
change startup programs yes yes
backup startup config no yes
edit service config yes yes
backup service config no yes
trojan horse detection executables executables & services
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The Best Freeware 2011

Change startup procedure to improve performance

Is your computer running slower than expected? Most computers load a lot of unnecessary startup programs and services. You can change the startup procedure to address this issue. Tweaking the Windows startup settings usually results in faster boot times and increased computer performance. With StartEd (short for Start Editor) changing the startup process has never been easier.

StartEd's intuitive user interface will help you see clearly through the jungle of the computer startup. With a large system-service-database you will see if they are safe to disable and increase your computers free memory and even performance. Additionally StartEd will also help locate Trojan Horses.

What is a Trojan Horse in computing?

Trojan Horses are the most destructive and dangerous species of computer virus. They are programs that do something that the programmer intends, but that the user would not approve of if he knew about it. Most trojans load at Windows startup and reside in memory. Once one has infected a user's machine, the attacker can then access that computer remotely, typically via the Internet, and snoop around on it or even take control. StartEd helps you detect Trojan Horses in your startup configuration.

With my new Dell Notebook it took an eternity until the Desktop was loaded. I would never have suspected that the reason for it may lay in the startup procedure. Thanks to StartEd I could remove many preinstalled programs I didn't need.
Sally Sears, Portland


With over hundred services installed on my Windows 7 computer I was always keen to experiment in order to get the last bit of performance. Many services remained a mystery, until I've found StartEd Pro!
Lars Knutsen, Denmark


I've received a used computer from my son. It performed quite badly. Since I'm not an expert, I was afraid to touch any Windows internals. After discovering StartEd with the backup feature I was finally able to change startup configuration. Now the PC boots 20 seconds faster!"
Bob Heath


I have been using StartEd for more than 8 years and it's the first computer program I install on every new PC! Keep the updates coming!"
Peter Rooney, New York


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