Linkman Opera Addon

The bookmark manager Linkman offers an Opera 11 Addon to allow you a direct interaction with Linkman in the browser. The addon is installed automatically when you install Linkman.

It can also be installed manually. Make sure you are visiting this page with Opera (at least version 15) and then click here to reinstall the Linkman Opera Addon.

In the search window, Linkman uses wildcards and operators to combine search terms. AND (default), OR, AND NOT and the '-' sign can be used. Example: a search for opera bookmark manager -firefox will find all links containing the keyword opera, bookmark, AND the keyword manager, but NOT containing the keyword firefox.

Download Linkman Prorequires Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP (32 and 64 bit)

Opera and Linkman communicate over TCP/IP port 80.

If you use this port for another application you can configure Opera and Linkman to exchange data other a different port (right click Linkman button | Preferences).


The communication port must be also changed in Linkman (Tools | Settings | Browser).


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