Update Policy

Updating Cacheman 10, Linkman Pro, Clipboard History Pro or StartEd Pro

If you have purchased one of the products mentioned above you get 1 year of updates for free. After this period of time you get an option to upgrade at a discount (please contact support and tell us your old serial code). During purchase you get also an option to get free lifetime updates for any Outertech product.

Update procedure. You can update for free if you have either purchased the lifetime license option before, or your original purchase was less than 1 year ago. Do not uninstall the old program version! Just download the new version, start the installer and install to the same location as before. All your settings and licensing information will be updated to the new version. A computer reboot is usually not required.

Cross upgrading Cacheman 7 to Cacheman 10

If you have purchased Cacheman for Windows 7 you can cross upgrade to Cacheman 10 at a large discount. To do so simply enter your Cacheman 7 serial code into Cacheman 10 and follow the steps.

Updating Clipboard History Lite, Linkman Lite, StartEd Lite or Batchrun

Since these products are free the update process is very simple. Just download a new version and install to the same location as before. Do NOT uninstall the old program version first! This way you make sure that you keep all of your program settings and configuration!

Updating CachemanXP

If you have purchased CachemanXP 1.x you can update to CachemanXp 2.x for free. Just download CachemanXP 2 and install over your Cacheman 1.x installation. Do not uninstall CachemanXP 1.x before installing 2.x!

Alternatively, if you have purchased Cacheman 5 or CachemanXP you are entitled to a cross upgrade discount for Cacheman 10. If you haven't received a discount coupon by email (due to address change) please contact us providing information where and when you have purchased Cacheman 5 or CachemanXP.

Differences between Cacheman 10 and CachemanXP: Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 support (including 64bit), Memory Management (e.g. you can define RAM limits for every application), Auto-Optimization Profiles, more tweaks, user interface improvements.

Updating GetDiz

Please uninstall any old version and reboot before installing GetDiz >= 4.6. Otherwise you may run into problems where the ASCII Art fonts included with GetDiz will not be registered correctly by Windows.


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