GetDiz Changelog


* When text is changed a * is added to the taskbar caption
* Button bar can be hidden now
* Added option to show carriage returns
* Improved Windows 10 multi monitor support
* Increased undo buffer
* Donation is now also possible using Bitcoin


* Added a function to insert a specific character from the ASCII table
  (edit menu,  right click menu, CTRL + i shortcut) 
* Capitalize formatting feature (edit | format, right click menu) 
* New hotkeys
* Recent file list will not wake sleeping hard drives anymore
* Windows 10 support


* Option to automatically add txt extension to files (default off) 
* Fixed problems with monospace fonts in file type font configuration 
* GetDiz will automatically reset the window position if a monitor is removed where GetDiz was placed on 


* Font and Text Color can be set individually for each file type (.txt, .diz etc)
* Fixed Autoheight problems with some fonts
* File exists checks are done only on demand, so GetDiz will not wake up secondary HDD


* Improved Multi Monitor support
* Unobtrusive line and column position display
* New Hotkeys (e.g. ESC closes main window)
* Faster file loading
* Updated translations


* Windows 7 support
* File Properties function
* Ability to edit system files
* User interface tweaks
* More translations


* Text Drag & Drop
* Hungarian translation


* Added format functions: Join lines,Lowercase,Uppercase,
  Charset to UTF-8, UTF-8 to Charset
* Additional translations


* Ability to save text, nfo and diz files as GIF images
* User Interface improvements
* Two Fonts included (GetDizLarge and GetDizTiny)
* Optional Shell menu integration
* Several new translations


* New functions: Redo, Delete line, Insert Date/Time 
* Optional installation on removable drives (e.g. USB sticks) 
* Several new translations 
* Option to show line numbers 
* Minor Bug fixes 


* Windows Vista support

New Options

* Always on Top 
* Set window size according to file dimensions 
* Auto-Copy Selection to Clipboard 
* Trim Selection before Copy 
* Allow only one GetDiz instance 

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