Program History




* Improved Bookmark Validation (Linkman Pro only):


- Authentication support: if user and password are set in the bookmark properties Linkman

will log-in to the website during Bookmark Validation in order to check the status; if

no username and password is specified a new "key" symbol will be displayed after validation

- Improved SSL/TLS support: Linkman can now connect to all https:// servers

- Linkman can now successfully check servers that do not adhere to the HTTP 1.0/1.1 specifications

- Added text explanation of validation status codes to the status bar

- Faster validation on databases with many bad (non existing) web site paths


* Better Web Icons support (Linkman Pro only):


- PNG, JPG and GIF images are now also supported

- if the web icon of a website is placed on another website with

a shortcut referral to it Linkman will find the icon anyway


* Improved synchronization (Linkman Pro only):


- A warning dialog will be displayed on synchronization collision (when the database has

been synchronized externally, for example by Dropbox, while you were making changes

to the local database)

- On successful synchronization a notification is displayed in the Tray Icon area


* Major internal changes to the optional Internet Explorer Linkman toolbar:


- protocol changed from Named Pipes to TCP/IP resulting in better stability with large databases

- improved Internet Explorer 10 support

- improved Windows 8 support

- Linkman search window can now be optionally shown by using one of the toolbar buttons


* Faster and more accessible Keyword List window (Linkman Pro only)


- Keyword caching optimized for multi-core processors; shows up instantly on large databases

- Keyword button added to the left side of the search edit (both in the main and search window)

to access the Keyword List quickly

- Ctrl + Enter shortcut added to the search edit to show the keyword list


* Specific browser can be now also configured in the properties of a folder.

All bookmarks inside this folder will be launched using the configured browser.

* Settings | Program Exit has now a privacy section, where you

can configure if launch and search history should be saved


* Improved handling of the case where the user tries to load the same

database to the left and the right panel at the same time


* Added URL.USER and URL.PASSWORD tags to export templates


* Search function will display completion time also on non successful searches


* Phrase search (using quotations) was sometimes not working (fixed)


* Improved Chromium support


* Added save date, username, and computername to status section of File | Properties

(you need to save at least once with 8.80 to see any data here)


* Many small interface improvements




* Bug Fix Release




* Support for web icons (Linkman Pro only).


This feature was often requested, but not implemented until now

for performance reasons. Finally we have found a way to implement

it with acceptable performance. The feature can be disabled in

Tools | Settings | Data (recommended for large databases with more

than 20.000 links). The web icon cache is saved into a separate file with

the same base filename as your database, but a different extension (.licons).

Icons are automatically added to new bookmarks. To add icons to your existing

bookmarks, use the 'Bookmark | Update web icons' function.


* Improved support for local files.


Shortcuts to local files can be created more easily. Select the files in

Explorer, right click and use the Send to -> Linkman function.

Alternatively multiple files can be drag & dropped from Explorer

to a Linkman window or the 'Bookmark | Add shortcuts to local files'

menu function can be used.


* Time edit fields have been added to Properties dialog status tab.


* Improved Google Chrome import (creation date is imported now).


* Compatibility update with the latest browsers.




* General Addon overhaul to support the latest versions of the Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera browsers.


* Windows 8 RTM support




* Firefox 11 support


* Faster URL launching in Firefox 6-11


* New search options:


Besides #n (for example #3) to find bookmarks/folders with a specific rating, you can now use also >n  (for example >1) and <n (for example <3) to find bookmarks/folders that have a greater or lesser rating; this can be combined in and/or searches. For example a search for news >3 will show all bookmarks/folders with the keywords news and a rating greater than 3.


* Search and Properties dialogs can be configured to display at mouse cursor:


Button in Properties dialog.

Menu option in Search dialog.


* Improved privacy settings: saving of search and launch history can be disabled in the Search dialog launch menu.


* Added more shortcuts (see Hotkeys and Shortcuts section of the tutorial)


* Fixed drag & drop issues with some left-handed oem mouses


* When adding new bookmarks, Linkman will not overwrite user entered descriptions anymore


* Improved support for systems with more than two monitors




* Firefox 9 and 10 compatibility


* Work-around for IE 9.0.4 drag & drop and query problems




* Added folder history to Bookmark properties dialog


* Improved Firefox 8 compatibility


* Fixed problems with IE9 integration




* Firefox 7 and 8 (Beta) compatibility including Firefox 7 and 8 Addon (works also with 3-6)


* Initial Windows 8 support


* Browser command line parameters can be set in Settings | Browser


* After unhiding from tray area Linkman will restore the cursor to the last focused position




* Firefox 6 compatibility including Firefox 6 Addon (works also with 3-5)


* Added password generator to Bookmark properties dialog


* Added a button to search dialog to quickly switch the Stay On Top status




* Firefox 5 compatibility including Firefox 5 Addon (works also with 3.6 and 4.0)


* Chrome 13 compatibility including Google Chrome 13 Addon (works also with 10-12)


* You can limit search to specific bookmark ratings using #rating, e.g. a search for manager #3 will display

  all bookmarks that contain the keyword manager and have a rating of 3


* Search & replace can be performed also on selected items only


* Linkman will display a confirmation dialog if you try to launch more than 30 links at once


* Several user interface tweaks and 2 bug fixes




* Firefox 4 Addon (works also with 3.6)


* Improved Internet Explorer Addon: works with UAC enabled, added compatibility for Internet Explorer 9


* Google Chrome Addon (all versions)


* Opera 11 Addon


* Bookmark properties dialog can be resized


* The initial focus of Bookmark properties dialog can be configured (Options Tab)


* Alternate combobox display for numeric user defined data fields


* Query Favorites can be created in search window (Linkman Pro)


* In searches AND NOT can be substituted with a - sign

 for example:

 a search for: foo -bar

 is the same as: foo and not bar


* Replace dialog: use * to delete fields (Linkman Pro)

 for example:

 enter * as new text, do not enter anything as new text

 Enable Keywords Checkbox

 Click Replace All and all Keywords content will be deleted


* Added Time to Date display in search results


* Added "Page changed" Date/Time column to Search results


* Rearranged some Hotkeys due to user suggestions (see Hotkey list for details)


* Improved search experience on very large databases (100.000 links and more)


* Many tweaks and some bug fixes




* Firefox has now optional Linkman buttons in the main toolbar. Rightclick the Firefox toolbar and select customize.


* Firefox can now be configured to launch links into existing tabs. Tools | Settings | Launch Bookmarks.


* Chrome 4.x-5.x support (including import)


* Toolbar buttons available in two different sizes


* Improved support for sharing Linkman links between two computers.


Linkman Pro will detect if Dropbox or Syncplicity (or any other such sync service) changes the Bookmark Database (*.lmd) while Linkman is running. If the user has not any pending changes to save, Linkman will reload its database.


See the Synchronize tutorial for a screenshot based guide.




You are at your work computer and add some links to Linkman. You go home and turn on your computer. Linkman will load, but the database will not have the links you have added at work at this moment. Dropbox will download (without any need of user interaction) the database changed at work. After Dropbox is done, Linkman will automatically reload the database and the new added links will become instantly available in your browser. This works of course also if you add links to your home computer. They will become available on your work computer.


The feature can be turned off in Tools | Settings | Data.


* Keyword List window (Linkman Pro only)


The Keywords labels in the main window and the Bookmark add window have been replaced by Keywords buttons. Clicking on one of these button will display a list of all keywords in your current database. When you start typing a keyword Linkman will search for it in the list. Clicking Add or pressing the Enter key will add this keyword to the current Bookmark.


* Add Keywords to selected items (Edit, Shortcut and Query menu, Linkman Pro only)


This function can add a specific keyword(s) to all selected Bookmarks and folders.


* Add all Bookmarks on this webpage (Bookmark, Shortcut and Query menu, Linkman Pro only)


Linkman will load the html page from the Bookmark, parse it for links and add all links to a new folder.


* Firefox 3-22+ Import converts tags to Linkman keywords (this was not trivial to implement, as Firefox stores tags in a weird and inefficient way)


* Firefox integration will now load Linkman on demand (if not already loaded)


* Added Modified and Page changed (Dates) columns to Query areas in main window, search window and Desktop Toolbar


* You can add tabulators to comment text by pressing shift + tab


* Several bug fixes, speed and user interface improvements (Linkman Lite and Linkman Pro)




Extended Database History Feature (Tools | Settings | Data | Backup old Linkman Data files). By default Linkman will keep 2 + 1 (two older and one current version) Database files. The history can be configured to save up to 10 older databases.


Added <parent.userdef1> to <parent.userdef6> tags to export templates.


Additionally this update fixes several bugs.




Added more Buttons to Firefox integration

Improved Printing: QueryPrint, Userdef fields, configurable margins

Query option to search for whole words only (default off)

Query option to autocomplete search terms (default off)

Added date support to Powermarks import

Increased the size of keywords edit area in Bookmark properties window

When adding Bookmarks you get the option to edit a Bookmark if it already exists

Query results can be exported using Templates (File | Export, Pro version only)

Added <PARENT.KEYWORDS> and <PARENT.COMMENT> Tags to Export Templates (Pro version only)

Ascending/Descending option in Autosort

Query Results font is now configurable (Tools | Settings | Interface)

Added more Bookmark Launch options to context menus

If Linkman is hidden "Add and Edit to Linkman" will restore focus back to browser

New option to add browser links to the top of the database (Tools | Settings | Receive Bookmarks)

Tools | Settings | Interface | Show Treeview lines turns also Query Results lines on/off

Bug Fixes




Improved Powermarks import

Added Shortnames to Separated Value File import

Internet Explorer Toolbar allows to disable Linkman entries in IE's context menu

Improved launching of multiple Bookmarks at once

Fixed a graphical glitch when batch assigning ratings

When changing font size (Tools | Settings | Interface | GUI Font) the text size of comments and descriptions will also change

Many other smaller tweaks and fixes




Firefox 3.1 compatibility and integration enhancements

Added feature to Internet Explorer to add all Tabs at once to Linkman

Over 20 new mouse and keyboard Shortcuts

Improved USB Stick installation: Linkman will find his link databases even if you move them between different USB Sticks and Computers

User Interface tweaks and speedups

More Screenshots added to CHM and PDF tutorials

Query search improvements: and search is now active by default (instead of phrase search)




Before you had to type: hardware and news and not 3d

Now it's enough to type: hardware news not 3d


if you want to search for the phrase hardware news type "hardware news" instead




Firefox 3 integration

Improved Internet Explorer integration

Several minor tweaks and improvements




Bookmark Validation can retrieve missing Bookmark names

Links can be added to Linkman using Internet Explorer Right-Click menu




Google Chrome support

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 support

K-Meleon support

Maxthon support

Firefox 3 Bookmarks Import

Powermarks Import

User Interface Improvements (for example Bookmark ratings can be changed for multiple Bookmarks at once)

Separated automatic retrieval of Bookmark Keywords and Description (Tools | Settings | Receive Bookmarks)

Query History

Query "and search" improvements:


When searching for multiple terms, name and keywords of the parent folder will be taken into consideration for every link inside.




You have a folder called music with several links inside. Some of these links have the keyword software. If you search for music software all of these links will be found, even if they don't possess the music keyword.




Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3 support

Installer option to install Linkman on a removable drive (e.g. USB stick)

Firefox import/export preserves RSS feed and Icon information

Bookmark Validation can retrieve custom metatags

Resizable Bookmark Edit area in the main window

File locations of Export Templates, Daily and Fast Links can be changed in the GUI

Move to dialog (Main menu, Shortcut menu, Bookmark properties dialog)

Several smaller improvements and bug fixes




Fuzzy Duplicate search, both as status query and link by link display

Status Query can display Bookmarks belonging to a specific Subdomain or Domain in groups

Content of selected folder can be displayed as a Query on click

Optional alternate Bookmark Validation Icons for colorblind users (Settings | Interface)

Mozilla SeaMonkey support

Improved Bookmark detection for Internet Explorer windows with modified title

Several user interface and performance improvements

New global hotkey to quickly show/hide the Desktop Toolbar  (Settings | Global Hotkeys)

PDF Manual (separate download)

Bug fixes




Search and Replace (Edit menu)

Almost instant queries on very large databases (100.000+ links)

Optimizations for Dual and Quad Core processors

All types of local files and folders can be added to and launched from Linkman Databases

Option to make Query background colors brighter (Treeview | Properties)

Several minor bugs fixed




Added a feature to change folders directly within the properties dialog

IE Toolbar version 1.1: fixed compatibility, added new options

New global hotkeys: Search for text in clipboard, Query for text in clipboard, Activate Desktop Toolbar

New setting: Collapse folders after load (Settings | Data)

Added description & userdef edit fields to main window

Fixed compatibility problems with comodo firewall

Several bugs fixed (see changelog.txt for complete list)




Desktop Toolbar

Windows Vista support

Internet Explorer 7 support (Settings | Browser)

Firefox 2 support (Settings | Browser)

Launch new links into tabs or new windows (Settings | Launch Bookmarks)

Launch complete folders contents in Browser tabs (Settings | Launch Bookmarks)

Open Daily Links into tabs or new windows (Daily Links Menu | Settings)

Drag & Drop improvements

Automatically updates moved web pages during Bookmark Validation

Significantly faster Bookmark Validation

Numerous smaller functionality improvements

Several bug fixes